frame Digital Memory Boxes

Life Enrichment Technology For Residents With Cognitive Decline

Frame Digital Memory Boxes help bridge the gap created by Dementia and Alzheimer’s by giving families the ability to share meaningful images with their  loved one in Memory Care.

Frame technology replaces old shadow boxes with bright and stimulating slideshows of places, people, and treasured memories. It also helps residents find their rooms when they’re feeling disoriented.

Families and friends control frame’s content, so it does not add to your staff’s workload. And frame gives your community a meaningful marketing advantage.




Family members love this system. They feel they can stay connected to the people they love. The residents take particular interest when they recognize an image they’ve seen before. It’s a great product to offer residents.

Tracey Robins

Arbor Terrace Fairfax

How frame Works


Family members and friends upload images from any of their devices


All images are reviewed by frame to ensure appropriate content


Once approved, images are sent via the cloud to your resident’s frame

Families LOVE frame and resident feedback is great. Frame definitely helps one resident find her room and others love the photos. It’s a great concept.

Maureen Charlton

Tribute at Heritage Village

frame Facts

The frame enclosure can match any décor by specifying any one of Sherwin Williams 1,700+ colors

Frame is customized to your requirements with Name Slots, Alphanumeric and Braille Room Numbers

Discover How frame Can Benefit Your Cognitively Impaired Residents and Your Community’s Marketing

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